Media = AppleTV, Netflix, and AirPlay

I’m a bit impressed right now with that media experience I’m getting with Apple.

To be clear, it’s like 20% of what it should be, but damn, that’s pretty good.

AirPlay is way better than it sounds when someone describes it. When I sit at home and play music I play it to one of my monitors, to my AppleTV-connected TV, and to both of my B&O Beolit12 systems. Simultaneously.

And I can adjust the volume on each of them independently.

And AppleTV itself is just phenomenal. This is how I want to consume content. I can’t shake the feeling that this is what “cable” will soon look like. You subscribe to content–not to streams of various types of content that you may or may not like.

I have the HBO app. I have the whatever app. And those are what I use to get my content.

Even better than that would be complete abstraction, where I don’t even have those apps–I instead just subscribe to shows–and my provider sorts out where it came from. Dealing with those sorts of details is just silly.

But Apple is closer than anyone else, as far as I can tell. Many of the other services are interesting, but they lack permanence. They’re not backed by Apple, they’re not as consistent, and it bothers me knowing that they’re fighting for rights to content from a position that’s not even comparable to Apple.

Basically, you need serious gravity to be able to push around these content providers. And I can’t rely on services like Hulu to do that.

That brings me to Netflix. Holy crap Netflix.

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I just got done watching all of their new show Orange is the New Black. Un. Believable.

I am looking forward to Apple releasing their actual TV. I want to go to my iPhone as my full remote. I want a bigger screen–better aesthetic, and all the AppleTV goodness.

The idea of a cable box and a seperate remote seems ridiculous. I want three things:

  1. Internet (my current setup is 100 up and 100 down from Webpass)

  2. An Apple television

  3. AppleTV for all my content

  4. My iPhone/iPad are my remote–for both the TV and for the content

Anything less than this is kiddie pool.

And yes, if Google can do this then I’m on board with them as well. But this seems less and less likely as time passes. They seem unable to understand that this game is about a unified, solid experience.

Anyway, I use Apple examples above because they’re likely to do it first, and best (they’re already kind of there), but if Google does it as well then all the better for us.

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