McDonalds’ Suggested Budget for Employees


Yeah– now, when I first saw that, I assumed that the top line was for a part-time McDonald’s employee. Then I got out my calculator– that is actually what you would make if you were working full-time at McDonald’s. 1,105 dollars a month.

via McDonalds’ suggested budget for employees shows just how impossible it is to get by on minimum wage | Death and Taxes.

This is criminal–plain and simple.

Full-time jobs in the United States–especially at major corporations–should be able to support a single full-time worker and their family.

If it cannot, it’s un-American. If it cannot, it is exploitative. If it cannot, the company should be rejected as immoral.

But no–we worship the dollar in this country, so it’s ok to ask someone to work 70 hours a week and then not give them crap for it.

And don’t come with “well, they should have went to school so they didn’t have to work at McDonald’s.” That doesn’t work anymore, folks. McDonald’s is increasingly hiring college grads, since they’re flooding the market of people who also can’t get jobs.

This is also why I’m anti-immigration in a number of key areas. McDonald’s and other companies like it use immigrants to bring down what they have to pay American workers. Immigrants will happily accept any amount of money, and will then often continue to have children as per their culture, thus perpetuating the suffering of society.

McDonald’s knows this, but they don’t care, because the immigrant shows up every day and has such a strong work ethic and family focus that they basically become indentured servants.

The problem here is greed. The problem is putting profit over America. The problem here is America has lost its way.

Don’t let corporations control the narrative. If a job can’t support a SINGLE family member working to support an entire family, then it’s not an American job–it’s an exploitative one. Demand that standard.

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