LFTM: 'Looking Forward to Monday' is the Metric for 2024

We've been told it's ok and normal to dread the coming work week

I have a dead-simple diagnostic tool for 2024.

Ask yourself how you feel about Mondays.

Too many of us dread them. The meetings. The meetings about meetings. The planning that rarely turns into reality. Team politics. Perpetual reviews. And generally feeling like you’re wasting your valuable time and attention.

If that’s you, you probably see the weekend as a temporary sanctuary from a week of necessary frustration.

We’re told this is normal. We’re told everyone feels this way, and that we should accept it. It’s not true.

If the thought of Monday drains you of happiness, it’s time for a change.

If you dread Mondays it means you are not in alignment with the work you’re doing. Everyone needs to work, but work can either be rewarding or soul-crushing.

Dreading Monday means you’re doing the soul-crushing kind. 2024 is the year to change that. For one, you’ll be happier. Second—I think the more soul-crushing the work is the more vulnerable it is to being automated.

Free yourself. Find something that makes you excited for the week to come.

AI is going apeshit. Things are changing. It’s the perfect time to find a better path.