How the Left Won the War for the Right


This tweet got Steve Martin bashed online as a sexist. He had to remove the tweet from all the backlash.

Here’s a question:

At what point does it become sexist to simply acknowledge someone’s feminine beauty?

I mean think about it. It’s the epitome of a gender-based observations. It’s something that you can’t say about men. And it implies that there’s nothing else good about the woman (and all women) other than that beauty.

I think that’s next step to solving sexism. Stop acknowledging feminine beauty at all. It’s a bane. One or two steps away from oppression, really.

Meanwhile, Trump will be the President for the next 8 years and his successor will be even more unqualified. All because THE REST OF THE COUNTRY refuses to play this poisonous liberal game, and they’re willing to elect ANYONE who will oppose it.

No, but it’s cool. Please proceed.

Women aren’t beautiful because that’s sexist, and a know-nothing reality TV star is president of the United States.



  1. A short version of my overall opinion is that masculinity and femininity are toxic, horrible, and beautiful parts of humanity that should be both minimized and celebrated (but not usually at the same time). Our true form is asexual. Our animal form is male/female. So the game is about the balance between exchanges of pure thought and hedonic celebration of our animal origins. The trick is understanding that a) these are in conflict with one another, and b) knowing how and when to pivot appropriately.

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