The Left's Brexit

The right hobbled the UK with Brexit, and now the left in US has done the same with Stormy Daniels

I think Trump's conviction might be the American Left's version of Brexit.

Let me explain.

First off, I think Trump is the worst president we've ever had by far, and I do NOT want him re-elected. I am anti-current-Left, but I consider myself a Radical Centrist and have never voted for a Republican. So that's where I am politically.

I also think that in normal circumstances it would be ok to prosecute someone for what Trump did. He appears to be guilty of the crimes, and he's now a convicted felon as a result. Fine.

My problem is how and when it happened.

First, a lot worse crimes have been carried out by presidents without prosecution. Like, really bad stuff (See: spending trillions in Iraq to remove someone protecting the world from Iran, the Iran/Contra issue, and many others). So, we absolutely set a precedent here by doing this.

Second, it seems entirely too obvious why it happened. Basically, the radical left is scared Trump will be re-elected, and none of their previous (and legitimate) weapons were effective at taking him out, e.g., impeachment, Jan 6 hearings, etc.

So basically—after everything that's happened—January 6th included—at least half the country still wants to elect Trump. And the Left is VERY angry and scared as a result.

So they did the Al Capone Attack. Basically, hit them for something else they did that was illegal. And that was this Stormy Daniels thing. A last-ditch, desperate effort to take down someone who they don't believe should be President again.

Here's the problem. They don't get to fucking decide that. Half the country has seen all this evidence and they still want him. This shakes me deeply. I don't see how that's possible. But it's true. Go check the polls. It's tied. Half. Half the country still wants him over The Left.

Actually, I eventually did figure this out. Most people voting for him also hate him compared to a theoretical, better conservative, but they love him because he's the best weapon against the Radical Left. In other words, they love him because he's their defense against the Left turning the country into San Francisco.

Anyway. They want him. That's the reality. Half the country. And the Left is panicking.

My problem with this whole fucking thing is that this is self-inflicted by the left. Just like Brexit was for the right in the UK. The issue is the left is NOT LISTENING to how much America despises far-left policies. The country keeps communicating very clearly that they are center-right. That they're more conservative.

And the left ignores it. Over and over. And instead of offering logical, progressive, centrist, UNIFYING policies that appeal to everyone, they repeatedly go Extreme Left and alienate the country.

And they wonder how a clown like Trump is so popular. Like it's a fucking mystery.

Let me spell this out for you, friends on the left. Your extreme policies have made you the #1 enemy of America, which has forced them to choose ANYONE to oppose you—including someone they hate—like Donald Trump.

In short, this is all the left's fault. All of it. Trump being elected the first time. And if Trump gets elected again, that will be their fault as well.

Self-inflicted. Just like Brexit.

So, to my friends on the left, expect more Trump types unless you stop kicking balls in your own goal and START LISTENING.

You have a choice: either wake the fuck up or stop being surprised when bad things happen.