Jesus Has Always Been Immortal


I’ve always had a major issue with the idea of Jesus’ sacrifice.

The story, which serves as the foundation of all Christianity is that all of us are guilty for what Adam did. We’re all bad people because of what happened before we were born. So, that makes sense.

Then Jesus comes along and decides to remove all that sin from us, by dying. Hence the saying:

Jesus died for our sins.

The only problem with that, which I think is a big one, is that Jesus isn’t dead.

Read that again.

Jesus is alive and well right now, according to every Christian who walks the earth today. He actually only died for three days.

So he was alive for…infinity, and he will remain alive for…infinity—but with a three-day gap in between where he experienced the same or less suffering that millions of other regular humans have experienced in their lives, e.g.: maimed soldiers, people with painful disabilities, people being tortured in the Middle Ages, parents losing a child, etc.

In other words, he is, and always has been, an immortal God. And he remains immortal today.

Even if you take everything in the Bible to be true, the sacrifice that serves as the underpinning to the entire Christian faith…never actually happened.

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If you think about it, God didn’t actually sacrifice Jesus, as Christians are so fond of saying.

God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.

Wait, what?

How is it a sacrifice to “give up” something you care about when it’s an immortal part of yourself, especially when you know you’re the one who’s going to resurrect him in three days?

Yes, that’s right. God, who supposedly so loved the world as to give up his son, is also the one who resurrects him three days later so he can continue being immortal like he has been.

And do we think he didn’t know he would do that? He can see the future, remember?

Perfect. Let’s review:

  1. God is the one who put the tree and the apple and Eve in front of Adam in the first place

  2. He’s the one who created Satan

  3. He’s the one who let Satan talk to Adam and Eve

  4. Then he passes all of Adam’s sins on to all of mankind, which seems biblically unfair

  5. Then he says there’s an easy way to fix it

  6. I can sacrifice my son, which is actually me

  7. So he puts Jesus (himself) on Earth for 30 years

  8. He lets the Romans find him so they can crucify him

  9. He pretends that if Jesus dies it’ll remove all the sin that he actually gave man himself when he assigned it to a bunch of people who hadn’t been born yet, after setting Adam up for failure

  10. But then three days later he resurrects himself and now Jesus is immortal again, like he has been for all eternity (because they’re the same person)

  11. But you’re actually still guilty of original sin, even though he did that for you

This is what billions of people on this planet believe. It’s no wonder that aliens are avoiding us.


  1. This is all assuming the Bible is true, which I don’t. I’m just pointing out that it doesn’t even make sense if you do accept it as true.

  2. Criticizing ridiculous beliefs and criticizing those who believe them are two different things. Over time, beliefs like this become accepted rather than processed, and my smart and kind friends who accept this type of thing are really just accepting tradition, not the beliefs themselves. My goal whenever I write or say things like this is to have discussion about the power of superstition and irrational thinking, not to insult the people who accept a set of pre-packaged beliefs that bring with them many benefits.

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