iPhone vs. Blackberry


iPhones don’t seem to be as durable as Blackberrys. At least that was my experience. I dropped my iPhone a couple of times last week and a few of the home screen buttons stopped responding to touch when you hit them a certain way. It still worked fine, but it was “flawed”.

So yesterday after work I drove to my nearest Apple store and did a few things:

  1. Picked up a loaner iPhone while mine went off for repair.

  2. Got the new Apple Bluetooth Earpiece I’ve been waiting for.

  3. Purchased the new Apple Keyboard (wired).

I’m typing on the keyboard now and it’s quite nice. The earpiece is also excellent. I like it far better than any other I’ve used (so far), but I’ve not seen how the battery holds up yet since it’s my first day with one.There is some background static at times — not popping and ticking static but more like a hiss.

I could do without that, but the integration with the phone is nothing less than phenomenal. If I can get two days of solid use out of the earpiece I’ll be happy, and that shouldn’t be a problem since I have hands-free in my car and won’t have to waste the earpiece battery when I’m driving.

Here’s a glimpse of the integration of the earpiece with the iPhone. So as long as I can make it around two days with the earpiece I’ll just charge both the iPhone and it together over night.

So yeah, definitely enjoying the Apple experience right now. Even the swap-out of the iPhone was efficient and seamless. I was handed a completely wiped phone and within a few minutes it was identical to the one I turned in (thanks to the exemplary sync/backup process through iTunes). This went so far as remembering exactly where in my contacts I was currently scrolled to.

Now I just can’t wait for Leopard, which will be featured in all of its True UNIX goodness.

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