Investing in Jamming


I wrote a while back about predicting the future as a great investment strategy. Sounds easy, and stupid, since predicting the future is hard, but I think there are opportunities that shouldn’t be ignored when they arise.

Example: Technology for disrupting drone communication.

I cannot see how:

  1. Drones won’t become an increasingly major part of everyones’ lives in the next decade, and

  2. That there won’t be technologies put to use designed to stop drones from working in certain areas

I used to be heavily into scanner radios, and I’m generally obsessed with EM across the radio spectrum. I made an FM transmitter in shop class in high school, and knew people who used CB amps back then too.

The idea that you can do x to affect other people’s stuff y amount is fascinating to me.

So I wonder about a fictional company called Faraday that broadcasts in certain short bursts to find nearby transmitters and disrupt them, or to simply fill the air with so much noise that nearby drones (which may be aimed at their heads) simply fall from the sky.

And of course there will also be the companies that supply the shielding or frequency-hopping technologies to be immune from those. All the while, the FCC and similar organizations will be trying to regulate the whole thing.

But yeah…if I were an investment type, I’d be looking to companies that can protect small details of important people from drone impacts.

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