Interview | Amir Majidimehr, Audiophile Industry Disruptor


In this standalone episode I’m speaking with Amir Majidimehr.

Amir is an audiophile, but he has a unique approach to the hobby that’s literally disrupting the industry.

He’s basically introduced measurement, and what he calls Objectivism, into this very sensitive audiophile world that prizes itself on everything being a matter of preference, or up to the listener. Amir calls these types the Subjectivists.

So what Amir does is use his decades of experience, and his professional training, to actual test this equipment—much of which costs tens of thousands of dollars—to find out if their outrageous claims have any merit.

It’s truly refreshing to see in the hobby, and I’m excited to talk to him.

Amir has a degree in electrical engineering, he used to run the digital media group at Microsoft in the 1980s, and he’s the founder of Audio Science Forums.

And here’s our conversation

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