Internet Security Love


The information security community is a relatively small one, and it remains so even on the Internet. It feels good to get noticed by your fellow infosec enthusiasts — especially when they’re known for being sharp themselves.

Some kind words recently came my way from Mike Rothman, of Security Incite. Speaking about my recent post on OS X and Firefox security, he says,

Wow, that’s nice. And it’s nice to be nice.

So, in the same spirit, here’s the link to his blog again (, which I find to be quite excellent. And I’m not just saying that either; I don’t play that game. I’ve been subscribed to his site for quite some time and his commentary is genuinely insightful (sorry).

Here’s a link to his podcast as well, which is now available via iTunes.

Oh, and if any of you out there also have security blogs (or any other kinds of blogs that you think I’d find interesting), post them in the comments. Sharing ideas is the game to be played.

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