Intellectual Comfort


[ Nov 20, 1996 ]

I must ensure that I do not, as I age, come to the conclusion that I have everything figured out. I supose all serious thinkers (those who take thinking seriously) should at least, to some degree, believe they are on the right track; but is it possible to know you are right while still being open to new ideas? I really hope that is the case.

I am truly worried that as I gather more information to support my views I will be closed to new ways of thinking later in life. I guess I just have to remember that there is no supreme truth, and that there lies in each person the desire to establish a system of thought which explains life around them. And perhaps also in my case this would incorporate the concept of an ultiimate beauty to satisfy that need for something mystical and unattainable.

But in my case, as long as the philosphy is based on reason and compassion in general terms, I cannot really claim to have a superior philosophy. Perhaps it is arrogance, but I already believe that any atheist interested in philosophy will have a very similar veiw of the world. But my ideas are so vauge that there is a lot of room for differences.

I suppose the key issue is not harming others, yet that in itself is open territory when considering elitism vs. lack of judgement of others. I don’t know; I’m confused now. I guess I just need to somehow keep an open mind.

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