Insect Drone Swarms


I think the future of assassination and surveillance will be small armies of tiny drones. There will be people/entities with the big Predator types, but those will be so conspicuous and easy to shoot down.

But what happens when any mob boss, or terror cell, or government can unleash 1,000 little mini-drones, like the size of giant beetles, that can hit you at high speed and explode?

What’s the defense for that?

I can think of a few things:

  1. Don’t go outside. Ever.

  2. #1 won’t help that much

  3. EM countermeasures that create a no-fly zone

  4. Armor

  5. Your own counter-drone army

  6. Don’t be a target

Number 5 seems expensive. Number 3 seems hard, especially when it’ll be an arms race between countermeasures and shielding.

Number 1 and number 4 seem the most logical if you’re a target, but the best bet is number 6.

I think another answer might be militant government control in the name of security, to the degree that prohibits anyone from owning or making drones of any size, or owning remotes that can control them.

Then the militarized FCC drives around in vans and instead of giving you fines they kick in doors and spread freedom.

Swarms of insect drones. Yeah.

I’m off to bed.

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