Ideas Suck: A Tale of Lust vs Love


Ideas suck.

Ideas are everywhere and pop into our heads all of the time. Ideas are not the inspirational spark that ignites us into becoming startup entrepreneurs. We only ever need one of them and the rest suck because they do nothing more than cause noisy distractions.

I hear new ideas every day. Usually pitched by enthusiastic, slightly scatter-brained developers, and the ideas normally arrive like buses; 3 at a time. They can often be shot down with utterings of revenue generation, market size, barriers to entry, team resource and cashflow. Ideas tend to be poorly thought out, flash in the pan business suggestions with no substance.

Ideas suck.

Before joining HackFwd, I had way too many ideas. I would jump from one idea to another on a daily basis. I would stay up all night pondering, sketching, smoking, coding, designing and drinking coffee until the sun rose.

The more I think about it, the more I think an idea shares the same traits as lust; you’re up all night with it, but after a while, you get bored and drop it…  then the next idea comes along and your excitement re-emerges… for a while… and then you get bored and drop it… and so it continues…  round and round you go…


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