Humans Leave Earth as Computers

I think humans will leave earth as computers.

What does that mean?

People have wondered about immortality for centuries. It’s not as nebulous or unattainable as people imagine. It’s just that the form it will likely come in may be unsatisfactory to those living now.

Humans will become immortal by changing the definition of humanity.

It starts and ends with moving our brains to the computer.

We die because our bodies decay. But most importantly, we die because our brains die, as they are what we actually are.

Life is about organization. And the organization of our brains is what gives us our memories and personalities.

Once we can move that to a storage system in a way that can be instantiated into a human-like experience for the subject, immortality is within grasp.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, this will come with many divergences from our existing humanity.

Because we’ll have transparency into our brains, we’ll be able to see all manner of primal nastiness there. Fear of the different. Hatred of those that don’t look like us. These things will be moderated to degrees that are logical rather than simply present due to our animal origins.

So we’ll begin pruning.

We’ll clean up who we are so that we can grow and improve.

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And what we’ll likely end up with is something quite different from who we are today. To some large degree, we are our flaws.

Anyway, I see that process taking place until we are essentially computers. We are still an earth-based life form. We are still us. But much different.

We don’t lose knowledge when we die. And when we learn something, every one of us learns it.

And we don’t die unless everyone dies, really.

So the goal then will be to get off of Earth before something bad happens here that will kill us (us computer-based-life-forms). Or something bad with the Sun that can kill us.

We’ll have to leave eventually, for this reason. And to explore and find ways to expand in general.

Hopefully that desire won’t be one of the things we prune.

Anyway, when we do leave, we’ll be digital.

But we’ll still be us. To some degree.

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