Humans Are the Sock Part of the Sock Puppet


It’s not that people lack freedom that bothers me. What bothers me is that people have no idea how little they actually have.

  • We want what we want because of evolution

  • We choose what we want because of marketing

  • Our behavior is determined largely by our genetics and our upbringing

  • If you’re not a dualist, there isn’t much (any?) room left for freedom

People do what they do precisely because evolution, genetics, marketing, upbringing, and culture have demanded that they do so.

But everyone thinks they’re free!

Doesn’t that bother anybody else?

I’m not even troubled by the lack of freedom. I’m troubled by the lack of awareness. As I talk about here, Camus’ Absurdism is a solid foundation for grappling with the paradox of living without freedom.

I just wish more people knew there was a problem.

But I’m also questioning whether I’m being too judgmental, for the wrong reasons. I don’t think so, though.

I think there is a limit to human advancement in a world that is confused about the nature of reality. And that’s really what we’re talking about here.

We’re talking about people not realizing that they are evolution’s wind-up toys, wobbling side to side carrying out its work. And that marketing is the perfume to the evolutionary nose.

To be clear–I’m ok with this. I don’t think it should lead to nihilism, or any other negative response. I think we can embrace it. Enjoy the perfume for what it is. Rejoice in the experience of it all.

And I’m all for jumping in as well. Embrace the illusion. Get lost in the fantasy of it all. Absolutely.

But don’t forget that it’s an illusion. Don’t forget what’s really happening. It opens too many doors to suffering.

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