How to Manage a Cisco Device via Console Using a USB Port in OS X

Problem: you need to manage a Cisco device via console, but the only box you have available is your non-macpro-mac, i.e. you don’t have a console port available. Solution: manage it via USB.

Step 1: Procure a USB to Console Cable

It should look something like this. You can get them most anywhere.


Step 2: Download and Install the Driver

Here is the project, and here is the download link.

Step 3: Find the Port On Your System

ls /dev/tty.

One will have a name starting with PL. That’s your guy.

Step 4: Connect Using Screen

Now you just connect to it (think of this step as using Hyperterminal in Windows)–the only difference is here you’re using screen, giving it the terminal to connect to, and the speed (9600).

screen /dev/tty.PLXXXX-XXXXXXX 9600

Boom, you’re in. ::

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