How to Get The Current Day in Google Analytics

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I’ve been using Google Analytics since around 2009 and one particular thing I’ve found annoying is the lack of a “get current day” feature.

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Selecting a date for data to show

You can use the selector to find a range you want, including just a single day, but I’ve always wanted something faster.

Turns out there’s a simple solution…

If you set both range variables in the URL to the future, it’ll show you the current day by default.

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The date range variables in the URL

I have a bookmark set to pull the dates of January 1, 3000 to January 1, 3000.


…which always gives me the current day—and only the current day.


  1. Go to a page in Google Analytics like usual.

  2. Find a view that you’d like to save a “current day” bookmark for.

  3. Look in the URL for the bit at the end.

  4. Change that whole part to _u.date00=30000101&_u.date01=30000101/.

  5. Save the bookmark.

You now have a “current day” view in Google Analytics that works for any page in the application.