How Science Will Help us Optimize Everything Through AI Curation

I enjoy reading about this type of research.

I see it as a continuous flow of data that will lead to better daily routines.

One will simply state a goal of being creative, or full of energy, or, say, convincingly deceptive, and our personal assistants will be able to tell us exactly what to do, what to think about, and how to behave.

So if we tell our AI we need to pass a lie detector test in 3 hours, Siri can say, “Ok, stop eating celery, drink 4 gallons of Lipton peach iced tea, and recite the words, ‘I am a meat popsicle.'”

Or, even better, Siri will review your calendar and simply build your day for you.

If she knows you need to do a 8K walk, and then close a big deal, and then be romantic, she’ll know the best exercises, foods, and music for you to consume, and at what times you should do them.

For the hyper-productive, in other words, our schedules are about to become curated.

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