Hostfind: Another Lame Tool


Only this one is more lamerer. This will take a list of words from a list you provide and append them to the front of a provided domain to see if they are valid hostnames. The idea is that you can then cat the output into a master list of things to scan:

[ Github: Hostfind ]

It took me nearly as long to package this thing as it did to write it. Unfortunately, the packaging is way more leet than the program itself — kind of lame considering there’s no README or anything…

I was working under the idea of, “if you make bzipped tarball of a 10 line shell script and sign it, it’s real software.” Turns out that’s not the case. I checked it again after I got done packaging it and it was still useless.

Anyway, I’m going to be incorporating this “module” into my bigger mst project, which is actually halfway decent in terms of being a time-saver (unlike this hideous token of boredom).


  1. The really sad part is that I use blog posts like this one as an archive system so that I can find this stuff later. I have plenty of places to put it where it won’t get lost, but being able to search for it on my site is just too convenient.

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