How to Use a Headset with a VMware Fusion Guest


If you’re like me you have struggled with using headsets from within VMware Fusion, e.g. from within a Windows image while running OS X as your host OS.

Over they years I’ve tried multiple headsets, from the Voyager Pro type mobile headsets that are pure Bluetooth to the Plantronics desktop class offerings that connect via USB (and Bluetooth).

I’ve also tried multiple connection options within both the host and guest. I’ve tried to make the device my default sound device from within OS X hoping that it would transfer to Windows. And I’ve tried to make Windows see the device directly within Lync or whatever other application.

But all options failed, until today.

My friend Craig figured it out, and it was embarrassingly simple: you simply map the device within the VMware virtual machine settings.

So, as shown above, you just connect whatever device it is to OS X, e.g. your USB desktop headset, or your Bluetooth mobile headset—whatever, and then you open the Fusion guest’s VMware settings and go to “Soundcard”.

Pull down the option you want to use (not system) and your Lync or Skype or whatever application will suddenly work perfectly with your headset from within the guest OS.

So pleased to have this working. It’ll make Windows Lync calls infinitely less annoying as an OS X user.

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