Government and Mental Health


People are once again panicking about mass shootings.

Let me try to simplify the problem:

  1. Society is currently built so that maximum pressure exists on normal Americans. They make too little money. They cannot pay their bills. They work too many hours. They have no savings, little if any retirement, and they are in constant fear of losing the job they have to automation or someone who will do it for less.

  2. This pressure destroys the family structure because it means that parents don’t have time to spend at home with their children. To make enough money to have a home and a car and vacations and retirement, most families put in extra time at their job or jobs, and both parents are working. Kids are left to their own are raised by our media.

  3. Education has largely become babysitting and law enforcement, as fewer and fewer kids have actual interest in learning given to them by their parents. Instead they see school as a social event, and they end up quite uneducated when they leave high school.

  4. These kids enter the real world and are forced into the worst, lowest-paid, and most vulnerable jobs in the country. Fast food. Service. Etc. And this reality represents a violent contrast with the world that was promised them by their parental figure, i.e. the media. They were told everything would be fine. Everything would work out. Because they’re special. But it didn’t. And now they work at Wendy’s, surrounded by a bunch of poor 40 and 50-year-olds who are working there as their second or third job.

  5. All of this produces mental health issues. People are not able to be happy because if you are not lucky enough to be extremely intelligent, know the right people, or be raised in a wealthy or education-focused family, you’re likely one of the people who struggles just to survive, with most of your free time spent on resting and preparing for your next shift. This makes people depressed, and it makes people angry.

  6. Now add the fact that it’s so easy to get a gun in the United States. This isn’t a problem by itself. It’s a problem because there are no jobs that people can live comfortably, or have self-respect, doing. Depressed, mentally unstable people with guns. That’s the problem.

And this is only getting worse. The push for our economy is to eliminate as many jobs as possible through automation or computers. Services like Uber will work towards this, either making people contractors with no benefits or removing their jobs altogether.

But guns in the U.S. are like pee in the pool. They’re not going away.

And the more people lose their jobs to automation, and the more the rich and smart and lucky get the best educations, and the best jobs, and the best opportunities, the wider the difference will be between “most” people, and those at the top.

Meanwhile, the media will be showing everyone how the top 20% live. The nice houses, the nice cars, the pretty wives, etc. That’s what they’re selling to everyone, but 80% will never get it.

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