Google Voice on a Verizon Android?


So Verizon and Google just announced a strategic partnership. Verizon also stated that they’re embracing openness, which means (among other things) they’re going to allow Google Voice on Android devices on their network.

So this solidifies things for me on the mobile device front. At this point I see the comparison like this between iPhone vs. Android:


  1. Hardware quality / experience

  2. Application selection

  3. Interface design


  1. Data platform (GMail vs. MobileMe)

  2. Freedom (Google Voice as Dialer, etc.)

Right now the Apple game is still on top–just because I value the feel and app selection of the iPhone. But I think my long-term play is definitely with Google. If they can get anywhere near the feel or the app quality of Apple it’s a done deal.

I would much rather be backed by Google’s services than Apple’s, and I would much rather be giving money to a company that embraces openness than to a company that epitomizes proprietary.

Maybe if/when iPhone comes to Verizon it’ll buy me some more time with Apple, but even then I think my time is limited. Once Android hits critical mass with hardware and/or their apps, it will soon become too compelling to stay with Apple.

I think the key for me is that I run OS X at home, when I know Linux gives me more freedom and power. To me the aesthetic matters very much, and until the fit and finish of Google/Linux matches the feel of Apple/iPhone/OS X (or at least gets much closer) I don’t think I’ll be able to make the jump.

But the services offerings of Google/Android are getting more and more compelling. ::

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