God Committed the Original Sin


In the beginning there was nothing — just God. Before the book of Genesis there were no humans and therefore no human suffering. In fact there was no suffering whatsoever since God Himself was the only thing in existence, and He is perfect.

So in a pristine world completely devoid of pain God decided to create a life form. He created a flawed Adam and Eve, as well as the serpent/Angel who took advantage of those flaws. In short, He created every single actor on the stage, complete with strengths and weaknesses, all with the benefit of complete omniscience and flawless execution. In other words, every single one of our flaws and weaknesses was given to us on purpose.

Why did God create an entire race of people that He knew for absolute certain would suffer horribly? Due to the benefit of omniscience there was no question. God knew exactly what Eve and Adam would choose. How could He not know given the fact that he designed each person in flawless detail?

So in the beginning there was no suffering. Now, in God’s world, there is unspeakable suffering. The argument that God was offering an eternity of happiness is not a defense simply because we didn’t exist at all in the first place. It would have been immoral to create us with even one iota of chance that we would suffer, but for God it was a guarantee!

From God’s perspective there is no choice on our part; there is only certainty. Free will doesn’t apply because God knew what choice we’d make before he even set things into motion. There was no choice because he controlled all the variables (our weaknesses and the temptations) AND knew the outcome.

So man did not commit the original sin. All we did was play along precisely as God already knew we would. The true original sin was creating us in the first place and putting us into a situation where we had no option but to suffer.:

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