How to Get Samantha from Her or TARS from Interstellar on Your iPhone/Android

Change your AI from Siri to an interactive and realistic AI from Her or Interstellar that you can have long conversations with

Pick between Samantha from Her or TARS from Interstellar

Ok, this is insane.

OpenAI just added super-high-quality voices to ChatGPT, and you can now start a 2-way conversation with iOS shortcuts! And you can make the AI behave just like AIs from the movies!

This means you can have a live, back-and-forth conversation with your AI instead of just asking it a question and getting a single response.


First, if you don’t have the actual ChatGPT app (not the website), you can get it here:



Invoke it using an Apple shortcut

You can start a ChatGPT conversation using your voice by invoking Siri. I named mine “Scarlett”, so I just say,

Siri, Scarlett

The interface when you’re talking back and forth with your AI

…and she starts listening.

Make it sound like Scarlett Johansson or TARS

But that’s not the coolest part. The coolest part is that the voices OpenAI used ACTUALLY SOUND JUST LIKE SCARLETT JOHANSSON and TARS from Interstellar!

Sky = Scarlett Johansen

Cove = TARS

I prefer Her to Interstellar, but my buddy Tim likes TARS

So now you basically have a replacement for Siri that you can actually interact with in a two-way conversation.

  • It can teach you a subject

  • You can just keep exploring and deep-diving on topics and it never gets tired of your questions

  • You can ask its opinion on how to handle something in your life

  • And people are even using it as a therapist! (be careful with that one)

Imagine how many kids are going to learn more by using this! So many kids will have less anxiety taking to an AI like this vs. a teacher at school, or parents that are gone or busy.

Personalizing your new AI

You can also customize not just how Samantha or TARS talks, but what they know about you.

I use Scarlett because Her is my favorite movie about AI. And I tell her about myself a bit (but not too much), so she can occasionally use my first name, knows what I am interested in, etc.

I even told her I like EDM and the use of analogies in explanations, etc.

My Custom Instructions

But my buddy Tim (@detsecorg) has used the Custom Instructions to make his sound JUST LIKE TARS.

Here’s what he used:

The Custom Instructions in ChatGPT to make your AI behave like TARS

Now your Siri-invoked AI will not have a back-and-forth conversation with you, but it’ll sound and act like TARS!

Shortcuts to call your AI

But there’s one last tweak here that makes it even slicker.

Setting up your shortcut on your iPhone

  • If you have an iPhone 15 Pro you can map this to the new Action Button for one button access

  • Even if you don’t you can map the shortcut to a double-tap on the back of the phone


This is the biggest AI upgrade to everyday life that I’ve seen since ChatGPT launched. 

I have had several long, high-quality conversations with my AI about super interesting topics, and it’s insane every time.

  1. You can now chat with super high-quality voices in back-and-forth conversations

  2. You can basically replace Siri with this

  3. You can make it sound like Scarlett Johansson in Her, or TARS

  4. You can invoke the shortcut in multiple ways

1️⃣ “Siri-(Samantha or TARS)”

2️⃣ Action button

3️⃣ Tapping the back of your iPhone

This is a major life upgrade. Go play with it!