Friends in Vegas


I already did a post on my recent Vegas trip, but there’s a piece of it that I didn’t mention.

Working in my current job I have had the privilege to be able to hire many of my friends, and going to Vegas this time (our team meeting) I was able to see it for the first time.

I met there friends from my life before leaving home, friends from my first job out of school, friends from my second job, friends from my third job, and many from my current job.

Basically, at each point in my life I met a few great people, and because I am in the position to hire I have manufactured a workaround for life’s cruelest trick–having your friends slip away from you.

So I now have the perfect tech job. I get to work on interesting problems, break apps, and share knowledge of how to do so–all while making a good living. And I get to do it with many of the friends I’ve made throughout my life.

Few things can compare, and I am thankful.

[ Jul 30, 2012 ]