Frame: Defining My Life Theme

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I have been thinking for the last couple of years about how to capture the underlying theme for all my intellectual pursuits.

I like to read, sure. But why? I like to learn stuff. I’m curious. But what is the goal? And I like to describe things and then share those descriptions.

All great, but what’s the point?

I think I might have it.

I think my primary, long-term interest is: the capture and articulation of goals for a given entity, combined with the building of frameworks that allow one to realize those goals.

And Federations of Planets.

This is critical for individuals trying to make their way in life. It’s critical for families. Businesses. Towns. Cities. Countries. Planets.

  1. Capture what you’re trying to achieve

  2. Build a system that will let you do so

Each of these steps can be broken into many pieces, of course, and it’s possible to go one level higher as well.

Building frameworks for achieving the goals of any given entity.

That actually captures both. So the one breaks into two, and from there they both break into many.

For the time being, I’m going to call this idea, Frame. First, it’s short and simple. Second, it implies structure, framework, and foundation. All good things.

I intend to write a book about this specifically, although I’m not in any particular rush to do so. For now I’ll settle for updating my about page, which I’m not looking forward to.

Like I say in that about page, if you’ve not written one for yourself, you absolutely should. It’s remarkably enlightening and difficult.

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