Flirting With Android Again: Galaxy S III


I am demoing a Samsung Galaxy S III.

It’s the new flagship Android device, and I like a lot about it. The screen is stunning and call quality actually seems better on it. It’s also on AT&T’s 4G network, which I’ve honestly noticed when using a speed test app, actually (unless the call quality has something to do with that).

Unfortunately it’s an Android device and I’m struggling mightily to achieve a smooth experience. I won’t enumerate the issues here because I’m waiting for Jelly Bean to drop for it. I’m not even going to compare the current OS with iOS 6 on the latest iPhone because it just doesn’t seem fair.

But there are many things in Jelly Bean that I feel are pushing Apple. I find Google Now to be extraordinary, and I cannot wait to see Apple’s answer to it. I also find Google’s voice control system to be quite excellent (on my friend’s Jelly Bean phone), and that combined with Google Now is what prompted me to play with this again.

Because I don’t pay for my service (work perk) I get to sample different devices and operating systems. I have the Nexus for work testing, and now I have this one as well–unless I return in within 30 days. It could convince me to go to Android, or I could simply endure it long enough to camp for the next iPhone.

I think that’ll depend on what gets said about the new iPhone when they announce it–whenever that is.

But for now, I’m seeing what Google has to offer again. It’ll be fun either way.


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