I Finally Found a Book Summarization Service

For like the last 10 years I’ve been looking for a solid book summarization service.

I occasionally see one and get excited about one, but upon inspection they usually turn out to have like eleven books, or the summaries are crap, or the interface is unusable.

Well I think I might have just found an actual solution, and from Facebook no less, and it’s called Blinkist (referral link included).

I can’t believe I actually found it on Facebook. As I mention here I have actually found tons of good stuff via ads on Facebook, and I get virtually no other value from the service.


I see an ad earlier tonight for book summaries, and I’m like, “Go on…”

Turns out it’s a small outfit out of Berlin, and they produce not only book summaries, but audio versions of them. And they have lots of titles. Too good to be true, except not.

Some of the features I like so far:

  • Lots of books

  • Good summaries and good writing

  • A combination of text and audio

  • A solid iOS app

  • The ability to speed up the audio speed

  • Integration with Kindle, so you can send a “Blink” to your Kindle device

  • Good tracking of what you’ve completed

  • A solid UI / UX

I can’t even describe how happy I am to have found this. I’m going to read like 12 books this weekend.

If you’re interested (as you should be), here’s my referral code. Not sure what I get if you use it, but I know it doesn’t affect you at all.

So excite!

I hope you enjoy it as well, and if you have any comments let’s talk about it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. Would love to hear if you like it as much as I do.

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