Ferguson is the Left’s Benghazi


The Benghazi scandal is ridiculous because it represents manufactured controversy. The left has known this all along, and a recent GOP investigation just arrived at the same result.

The killing of Michael Brown is very similar in the most important respect: people think there is controversy where there is none.

Like a magic trick, everyone is focusing on entirely the wrong part of the incident. The news talks for hours about what happened after a 280 pound man walked up to a police car and punched a cop in the face, which likely resulted in a struggle for the officer’s weapon. The analysis should have simply stopped there.

Maybe there were thirty steps. Maybe he fired 9 times or 12. Maybe his gun jammed. Maybe there were a series of cartwheels involved. It doesn’t fucking matter. Not one bit. The officer was 100% within his right to kill Michael Brown, inside the vehicle, the moment Brown walked up to his police car and started attacking him through the open window.

Growing police power, racism in the force, and racism in general are all very real things that I as a progressive care about. And making police wear cameras at all times is a brilliant idea that will help address many of these issues. But this case has nothing to do with any of that. This case is as simple as simple gets.

If you weigh 280 pounds and you walk up to a police car and start attacking the cop inside, you will very likely be dead within 60 seconds. This is expected behavior anywhere in the country, and only someone ridiculous enough to label Benghazi a “scandal” would think otherwise.

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