What if Facebook Jumped in Against Twitter?


Here’s a crazy idea: what if Facebook extended their platform to include public messages?

Twitter is struggling because they can’t figure out how to monetize. Facebook has mastered monetization.

But Twitter is global infrastructure. Every brand is there. Most celebrities. It’s part of the mainstream news stream. It’s everywhere.

I think Facebook would love to (or should want to) replace Twitter in that space.

There are a couple of obstacles:

  1. Facebook’s real name policy conflicts with Twitter’s usefulness as a semi-anonymous means for the oppressed to speak out about their governments/organizations

  2. Facebook has some significant trust issues already in the minds of many

I think Facebook could quickly adjust with some sort of naming policy that protects people making public statements, similar to what Twitter has. And I think all the various services have some degree of trust issues. It’s something people come to accept.

I simply don’t see how Facebook continues to let Twitter hold this extremely valuable ground of public personas for companies and individuals.

I think they’ll make a move within the next year or two.

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