5 Reasons to Expect Many More Public Shootings

  1. We have violently increasing numbers of uneducated people in our country

  2. The upper classes blissfully ignore the fact that human life is being brought into this world every day, by couples who are by most measures children, and have little chance of raising happy adults

  3. This growing underclass has increasingly few possibilities for education or jobs

  4. Society is being structured to reject, rather than nurture this group

  5. It’s really easy to get a gun in the United States

Add those up, and you’ll see that we’re approaching outbreak-level numbers of people who are set up for mental illness from the moment they emerge into the light. Put more plainly, we as a society are manufacturing suicidal people.

They will likely be neglected by their parents—either physically or by not being exposed to reading and a passion for education early on. They’ll be part of broken families. They will go to schools full of others who do not value education, and will likely not get any after high school (if they even finish that) because they either don’t know enough to care about it or cannot afford it.

They are denied work, treated as if they are inferior, cheated on, stolen from by corporate America, taxed by a government that doesn’t represent them, and will have short, tumultuous relationships with other people just like them that often result in more children—who then enter the same exact cycle.

Add to this a fuzzy understanding of reality which obscures from them the root causes of their plight. This means narratives like, “The TSA is the cause of the problem.”, or “Liberals are bad for America.” become rather shiny.

The guy who killed someone in the TSA last week was about to commit suicide beforehand. He asked for help and didn’t receive any. The cops showed up too late.

Our unwillingness to admonish the random creation of human life by the overtly incapable, into a world that waits like a wood chipper, is ensuring that a growing number of people will live perpetually close to suicide.

When you have angry, uneducated, suicidal young men, with their heads full of people to blame for their lives full of suffering—and you add easy access to guns, what can go right?

Expect these to become common. Like…invest-in-a-bulletproof-vest-company-common.

So when you see it on TV, don’t be one of the mouthbreathers who looks around quizzically, asking the universe, “What’s wrong with our kids today?” Don’t be that person.

The reasons are obvious. The only thing more obvious is that nothing will be done to address those reasons.

We won’t talk about education for everyone being a national health concern on the scale of Ebola in Kansas. We won’t talk about putting the lives of the lower and middle classes as the highest priority (instead of profit) in corporate America. We won’t talk about the criminal nature of sitting back and watching while what equate to mentally handicapped children reproduce at will inside of this environment of near-guaranteed failure.


Instead we’ll blame guns, or too little Jesus, or TSA patdowns, or whatever else Murdock thinks we should talk about.

Don’t be one of those people who is surprised when these shootings occur. Expect them. They’re a natural consequence of what America has become.

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