Expect Musical Chairs in Trump’s Cabinet


This seems like a prediction that’s too easy to make, but I just realized that Trump’s cabinet is going to be in constant flux for as long as he’s in office.

Here’s the way it’ll happen:

  1. The person will get exposed to scrutiny in some form, and they’ll make a decision. Or they’ll be asked to comment on something Trump said.

  2. Trump will not like the perceived disconnect between what they said and what he has stated as official policy, and he’ll either publicly or privately embarrass them.

  3. If the candidate has any integrity or self-respect, this will only happen a few times before they just leave, and if they don’t, Trump will sense weakness and fire them.

Romney is a great example. They said he’s being considered for Secretary of State.

Problem is, Romney isn’t a chump. And he’s not a lackey. And he’s not one to take crap just because someone is your boss. Not if it goes against what he believes in.

And he already hates Trump, without question.

So if he took the job, he’d go out, do his best, and the first time he got slammed unfairly or improperly by Trump, or was told to support and push a policy that he thought was immoral or stupid, he’d tell Trump to pound sand.

Trump would come out and say that Romney is crap, he’s always been crap, that’s why he lost to Obama. And he’d find the next guy.

And in a few weeks or months he’d either fire that guy or he’d quit too.

It’s like the show called The Apprentice on TV, where they had this guy at the top who could just arbitrarily fire you for whatever, and who thought it was a big part of the fun of the job.

It’s like that, except it’s Trump in charge, and he’s a President instead of a reality TV star.

In most administrations you have a few people come and go during the four or eight years, for various reasons. In Trump’s administration it’ll be 5, 10, or 20 times as many, and it will be positions as high as Secretary of State, Chief of Staff, and maybe even VP.

It’s like a car wreck you can’t look away from, except the car is our country.

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