Everything Wrong With Our World is Natural


Just a reminder: Our world is fucked up because nature made it that way. What progress we have made has been in direct opposition to that nature.

There exists something called the Moralistic Fallacy, which states that the evil that exists in the world could not have come from nature. It gives us mistakes like:

  1. Because warfare is wrong and tragic, it cannot be part of human nature.

  2. Because eating meat is violent and harms the environment, humans have no biological need for it.

  3. Since it is right to treat men and women as equals, the sexes must be biologically equal as well.

Reject this garbage. Put it out of your mind.

In the time before books and technology and civilization, there were no equal rights for men and women. Women were property. And there was no openness between different types of people; if some strange tribe showed up in your camp you killed their asses and did a chant about it. If a powerful man wanted a pretty girl that belonged to a weaker man, he bounced his head off of a rock and took her home.

This is no different than today’s world–not really. We all know women love big, strong assholes. We also know that men love blonde bimbo types. We also know that many politicians go to Washington to change it, and three vacation homes later they won’t return calls from regular people.

War is natural. Class warfare is natural. Racism is natural. Men cheating on their wives is natural. Strip clubs are natural. Wives screwing their powerful bosses is natural. It’s the way the world works. It’s built into us.

And it’s our job to fight this nature. It’s our job to cast off what we are and become something more.

This is just a reminder. Don’t be surprised by what you see. There is no perversion going on–only the natural flow of things. The evil, natural flow of things. ::

[ P.S. Two more nights in Vegas. ]

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