Don’t Step in the Anti-Muslim Trap


Let’s document how to fall into the anti-Muslim trap, step by step.

First, what is the trap?

The trap is getting mostly secular people from various faiths to hate each other, to divide themselves into groups, and to disrupt peaceful society.

That’s the trap, and that’s the goal of the people laying it.

In the current setting, the target is secular and/or non-extremist Muslims, and the puppeteers are the terrorist groups.

So here’s the methodology:

  1. Attack lots of different groups, both in the Western and Muslim world, for the purpose of making as many people as possible hate Muslims.

  2. Eventually, the people in the West will start to blame ALL Muslims–including the moderates who actually live amongst them–which will cause massive distrust, hatred, and a tension that disrupts the national community.

  3. When the various groups calm down and realize that they’re being played by the terrorists, and that the terrorists WANT them to fight amongst themselves, ATTACK THEM AGAIN so they return to fighting.

  4. Repeat until there is mass chaos, because that’s what they want.

On this point, I am sad to report that I just learned recently (within the last several months) why the Obama Administration has been unwilling to say the words “Islamic Terrorism”.

It used to really bother me. Pissed me off, really. I thought it was PC, intellectual cowardice, and ultimately…weakness.

But it’s not. It’s actually the opposite.

The issue is that within these Western societies we have millions of Muslims. Muslims who watch Colbert. Muslims who don’t go to Mosque. Muslims who maybe are somewhat religious but don’t have one shred of connection to, or love for, these terrorist groups.

They’re American, or European, first and foremost.

When Obama says there are terrorists attacking America or Europe, what these Muslims hear is that THEY are American or European, and that THEY are being attacked by terrorists.

And here’s the crucial part.

The moment we start calling this “Islamic” terrorism. The moment we call it out as tied to directly to religion, that’s the same moment that a very large portion of people in America and Europe will start viewing all Muslims as terrorists.

Overnight the moderate Muslims who don’t give two shits about politics, or even religion really, will suddenly become labeled. They’ll be isolated. They’ll be ostracized. They’ll be attacked. They’ll be targeted. They’ll be hated by their own fellow citizens.

Then the terrorists will tent their fingers like Mr. Burns, and say,

You see how they look at you? You see how they treat you? You are not American. You are not European. They don’t accept you. They never have. In their minds you are already their enemy, so you might as well start acting like it. We are your only true family.

That’s what they want. They want to turn our integrated American and European Muslim populations against us. And the way to do that is to get us to start using language that isolates them.

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Let me say this in a different, stronger way:

Avoiding the term “Islamic Terror” is a direct and conscious security mechanism that prevents millions of Muslims from feeling betrayed by their own nations.

Trumpism, and the general right wing approach of attacking Islam outright, isn’t a matter of strength or courage. It’s an idiotic tactic akin to going into Iraq: it gives the perception of strength when in fact it only hurts everyone.

Trillions of dollars gone that could have been spent here at home. Thousands of American lives lost. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives lost. All that loss, and yet the only thing Iraqis wish they had now is someone like Saddam to regulate the place.

And that’s precisely the type of outcome we should expect if we alienate our Muslim populations en masse. Massive. Long-term. Harm.

The strategic move is to keep a very clear line between Muslims and terrorists, and to make it obvious to everyone that this line cannot be blurred as a matter of principle.

The irony is that the GOP is working to do the exact opposite. They’re trying their best to essentially equate the two, which will damage our security more than we can measure.

And this is precisely what the terrorists want. They’re laughing uncontrollably as Trumpism and the GOP are checking off all the boxes to rip ourselves apart from within.

Spreading universal hatred of Muslims is the trap.

Don’t step in it.

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