How I Differentiate the Unsupervised Newsletter & Podcast

How I am defending against increasing competition from AI-generated newsletters

THOC — The Hierarchy of Content

There are thousands of newsletters out there that hit you with the latest news, the latest projects, the latest software, etc. I used to subscribe to them all but I had to stop. What I found was that they made me feel like I was doing something useful by reading them, but at the end of the day—or the month, or the year—it was just noise. Looking backward, my life was no different whether I subscribed to 20 of them and read every story, or didn’t read any of them.

Now when I look at any media I ask myself one simple question: “How often do I get something from this source that makes me see the world differently, brings me closer to people with common goals and interests, or causes me to change my behavior in a positive way?” If the answer is “almost never”, or even “not very often”, then I remove it from my inputs.

The goal of Unsupervised Learning—both the newsletter and the community—is to produce something that answers yes to all three of those. We’re not here to fill your inbox. We’re not here to “impress” you. We’re here to help you become the best version of yourself—both in work and in life. Full stop.

If this approach to newsletters and community appeals to you, I have but one word for you. Welcome.