Defeating Trump Might Require “A Few Good Men”


In A Few Good Men, there was only one way to take down Colonel Jessup.

You had to make him say what he really wanted to say out of anger.

Tom Cruise basically made him so angry that he stopped being cautious and stopped being politically correct.

And he told the truth.

If anyone wants to beat Trump, they’re going to have to give him a microphone and then get him really pissed off.

I imagine it going something like this:

REPORTER: Sure, but don’t you agree that’s racist?

TRUMP: No, I don’t think so…I mean what is racism, really. It’s a witchhunt.

REPORTER: No, but saying you prefer to live near white people because they are nicer people, or whatever.

TRUMP: I never said that. That’s ridiculous.

REPORTER: Here’s a tape of you saying it.

(Trump watches and gets extremely angry)

REPORTER: Isn’t it true that you said you think all Mexicans should go home?


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REPORTER: Did you make a phone call to your daughter telling her not to marry a Puerto Rican man?

(Trump getting more angry)

REPORTER: Isn’t it true that you think America would be better if it was just white people here?

TRUMP: (yelling now) Yes. Ok? Yes. Shoot me. When it was just us white folks we did good things. We got stuff done. Christmas was nice. People feared God. And we were the best. So yeah, I do believe that. And I don’t care what anyone says.

That’s how you beat Trump. You get him to say something so vile that he can’t recover from it. And you do that by poking him enough times with a sharp stick while his blood sugar is low.

The scenario above is just an example. I have no idea if he’s actually that racist, but I strongly doubt it. And I don’t even know that he has any views that are nasty enough to allow him to be caught in this way.

What I do know is that absent some major gaffe on this scale he’s likely to be the Republican candidate.

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