Custom Models Are AI’s Killer App

The killer app for AI right now is the universal “custom AI model”.

Consume your whole business. Or your whole life experience. Every text. Every Slack. Every journal entry. Every blog post. Everything you’ve said or written publicly. All your logs. All your documentation.

Turn that into a custom “1 + 1 = 7” model that stacks on top of a larger model (like GPT-3).

Now when you ask it something it not only answers with the knowledge of the whole world, but with the context of why it matters to what you care about.

What investment should I make?

Why do I feel sad?

Is this a good life partner?

Align my security budget initiatives to reducing the most real-world risk based on knowing our entire environment.

Plan my perfect year 2024, from side projects, to vacations, to spontaneous fun stuff to do with friends, incorporating everything you know about my preferences, past, and goals.

Full custom models that stack on top of the giant models. That’s where it’s at.

The whole game will be how fast they can be trained, on the most data, at the lowest cost.