Creationist Science Isn’t

The next time you’re arguing with a creationist about evolution, or global warming, or anything where the science is solid and they openly reject evidence, remind yourself of the above.

We are able to generally measure the size and age of the universe, and the stars that sit within it. Tens of billions of them are far more than 6,000 light years away from us, and their answer is to say that God is magical, and he might have put the light there supernaturally, to make it look like it does.

That’s quite similar to the clear evidence that story of Genesis comes from hundreds of years before the bible, and that most religious stories we know today were completely unoriginal and came from cultures and traditions long before them.

How do they explain that? Easy: those were posted there as temptations, but they’re not the real thing.

You cannot argue with someone who wants to believe what they already do, and who disregards evidence that disagrees with that position. When you do, it’s you that’s the idiot–not them.

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