Creating Value


I’ve been in a mode recently where I’m simply driven to produce.

Not just at work (that’s a constant drive for me) but personally.

I’ll just dump it here and think about it afterwards.

I read so many books from people in the previous 5 centuries. They wrote books. Good books. And most of them did it with what’s called a pen. I’ll put the link in the notes. Also paper.

Lots of them didn’t have electricity either. They used what are called candles to write at night, or when the sun wasn’t out. I’ll link in the notes.

Using this stuff they PRODUCED. They’re writing. They’re speaking. Lots of them failed, got passed by, didn’t get noticed until they were dead, etc.

But they created.

When I look at myself and my general peer group I’m not happy with what I see. What have we made? What have we created?

I’ll just focus on myself.

I have a website. People read it I guess. And I’ve got lots of emails saying I’ve helped them in various ways. But it doesn’t feel like enough.

Books? 0.

Patents? 0.

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Companies? 0.

I’m not really interested in being some person who starts companies. I don’t think that adds as much value as a good book in most cases, but the point is that I’m tired of wasting time.

And I know that you’re not necessarily wasting time if you’re not writing books and such. Many people are parents and they put their efforts into that. It’s a noble cause as well.

But for me I need to create. If I have ideas and I have failed to properly articulate them, failed to get them into consumable form, failed to broadcast them correctly, that’s on me. That’s me not being what I could (and should) be.

The wrong path

Now there’s of course a wrong way to do this. That’s the competitive route. How many books? How many talks? How famous are you?

That’s lame.

It comes down to this: if you have ideas and ambitions you cannot let that lie dormant. You can’t keep it inside due to confidence issues, or motivation issues, or whatever.

Get the fuck out there. Write. Build. Make a fucking chair. Paint. Poetry. Photography.

Get on it.

I’m talking to me right now, but maybe you can use this voice to talk to yourself as well.

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