Conservative Hypocrisy on Contraception, Abortion, and Life


Aug 16, 2015

Conservatives are reportedly about protecting life, but a modicum of scrutiny quickly dissolves this illusion.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Conservatives are anti-abortion, which is where people terminate unwanted pregnancies

  2. The easiest possible way to avoid unwanted pregnancies is to use contraception

  3. Many conservative groups are trying as hard as possible, using lobbyists and churches, to make contraception illegal or otherwise not an option

  4. This is despite the fact that the numbers clearly show that sex education and contraception massively reduce unwanted pregnancies (and abortions)

We’ve also heard no outcry from conservatives regarding the use of fertility clinics, where embryos are commonly destroyed as part of the process.

In a feisty mood I’m forced to notice / ask a few things:

  • Controlling contraception is a means of controlling womens’ bodies, which has been a goal of conservatives and religion since forever, and fertility clinics don’t have the same leverage. So perhaps that’s why they complain about one and not the other.

  • It seems pretty obvious that millions of young women having unwanted babies is bad for America. Adoption is not a solution because it doesn’t scale. And these kids being raised in broken homes by women who are not ready or willing to be mothers is just about a guarantee that the kid will cause major harm to himself and everyone around him.

  • But perhaps there is a link between these conservative policies. What if a lack of contraception created miscreants that were virtually guaranteed to end up in prison? And what if conservatives were the primary backers of privatized prisons?

Perfect. Ban contraception so that we’ll grow a giant underclass of law-breakers that can lead to greater profits in our privatized prisons.

Oh, and massively fund our military and our various wars that end up killing millions, including thousands of U.S. troops.

But you’re the pro-life party.


  1. Changed “conservatives” to “many conservative groups” as the result of a comment correctly pointing out that most conservatives do in fact support contraception.

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