Cognitive Dissonance: Materialism

I really, really like stuff. Particularly high-quality stuff. I’m a pretty philosophical guy, and I fully understand that material things don’t ultimately matter, yet I proceed to pine for and acquire nice things. Is this a problem? Comments are welcome.

At any rate, here is a current list. I’ve been in a few forums for the various things that I own (it seems that everything I like attracts a following of like-minded people). It’s amazing how the various preferences cross over:

  • Car: BMW 335i

  • Pistol: Glock 23c

  • Sunglasses: Maui Jim w. Evolution Technology

  • Knife: William Henry, Attache Collection

  • Computer: Apple MacBook Pro

  • Watch: Rolex Submariner 16610

  • Phone: Blackberry 8700c

  • Attache Case: Tumi Generation 4.4 Briefs Deluxe

Now I just need to learn how to dress…

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