More Captured Mirai Botnet Traffic Analysis


So, related to this post, I did some more analysis by letting a listener run for almost a day.

Here’s what I got:


These are the top n results. The first number is the number of times that combo was used.

296 root xc3511

290 root admin

269 root vizxv

232 admin admin

175 root 888888

166 root root

165 root 123456

161 root juantech

141 support support

141 root default

139 admin password

133 root xmhdipc

113 root 54321

107 root anko

103 admin admin1234

95 root 12345

92 root 1111

89 user user

84 admin smcadmin

81 root GM8182

78 root pass

71 root klv123

69 root 5up

67 root Zte521

67 guest 12345

65 root 1234

63 guest guest

58 admin 1111


160 UA (Ukraine)

150 VN (Vietnam)

118 CN (China)

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81 TW (Taiwan)

76 BR (Brazil)

66 TR (Turkey)

50 IN (India)

46 RU (Russia)

39 US (United States)

30 PL (Poland)

22 FR (France)

21 MX (Mexico)

20 RO (Romania)

20 KR (South Korea)

16 TH (Thailand)

12 CR (Croatia)

11 SE (Sweden)

11 AR (Argentina)

10 ID (Indonesia)

10 GB (Great Britain)

10 CO (Columbia)


I’m not sure what we can infer from the top, say, five credentials are being used. Perhaps that there are more of them. Perhaps that there are more vulnerable versions of the devices that those creds are associated with. Maybe nothing. It’s something I’ll probably look at closer when I have time.

As for the countries, the top countries are interesting, the Ukraine and lots of Asia, then Brazil and Turkey. Russia and the United States ranked lower than I would have imagined.

Anyway, just wanted to post some stats. Will do more analysis later.

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