Calling Out The Security Community on AI


I want to call out our community for a second on AI. And this applies to me as well because I have many of the same feelings.

I feel there are too many in the security community who believe that AI is a minefield, and that it’s our job to warn people not to walk into it.

I think our job is quite different.

It’s not that people are considering walking into this minefield. And it’s up to us to convince them not to.


They ARE walking into it. It’s inevitable. Starting now.

So I don’t believe we should be pointing and laughing as they get blown up, lose a leg, or otherwise hurt themselves.

Instead, it’s our job to go in ourselves. Build the tools that find the mines. And yes, step on some ourselves.

We can’t sit out the IoT game, or now the AI game.

We can’t curmudgeon our way to protecting users.

We need to get out front, and do our best to clear the way.