Building an Ideal Educational Curriculum


I think one of the things I’d most like to do in my life is design and implement an education system.

I think it’d be supplemental, but ideally it’d reach some degree of requirement.

What fascinates me is thinking about all the different stuff I’ve learned and have yet to learn, and wondering what, out of all of it, should be passed on and at what ages.

Here are some ideas:

  • Dialectic

  • Creative writing

  • Argument fallacies

  • Story-based history (Like Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History)

  • The economics of retirement and savings

  • How to build and live according to a budget

  • The proper amounts of savings, investments, saving for college, etc.

  • How relationships fail, and how to avoid it (communication, impulse control, empathy, etc.)

  • Conflict avoidance techniques

  • The importance of art (and how it’s the goal of everything else)

  • How to scrutinize data and evaluate claims

  • Philosophical basics (introduction to the fundamental questions)

  • Critical thinking

These are just some basic ideas, but I’d like to start building actual outlines, talking to teachers, and figuring out when each type of content should be presented throughout a child’s education.

Any thoughts are welcome.

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