Got me a Blackberry. My old Nokia has been irking me as of late, and I have been wanting to get myself a new phone for a while now, so when Ken showed me his and convinced me that the phone functionality was up to par with a … phone, well, I decided what the hell.

I am very glad that I did. The email functionality is badass. I now instantly get a copy of any email sent to my primary address, so I am never out of email range. Not only that, but the battery life and reception on this device is totally superior to that of my Nokia 6350. I did lose Bluetooth, but there were only two reasons that was helpful in the first place: 1. Internet browsing, and 2. Contact Synchronization.

The first is handled nicely on the Blackberry itself, while I am going to have to jump through some hoops to do the latter. There is an application called Address Book Exporter (or something like that) that’ll let me export my OS X address book to CSV format so that I can pull it into my new device.

Once I do that, I can handle doing additional contacts manually. I don’t want to do the initial entry by hand though, as my contacts have reached over 125. So yeah, this device rocks. I am so happy with it that I can see myself getting the next version when I get a new phone rather than going to a new type of system.

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