Big Changes


Tomorrow is my last day with HP.

It’s a strange feeling. I helped build the group, and so many of my best friends now work there. Friends from back home. Friends from university. Friends from previous professional jobs. And new friends.

Basically, the best minds and technical talent that I’ve met throughout my years I’ve somehow convinced to come to help build this thing that is FoD. And it’s been spectacular. We went from two people to hundreds. We went from installing WebInspect to shaping the security programs at the world’s top companies.

And now I’m leaving.

It’s hard.

I feel like I’m abandoning all the people I brought over—like I’m leaving a family. But the fact is they don’t need me anymore. The team is running smooth and has been for years, and I think it will continue to do so for a long time.

I will not list the people I want to thank for making this job such a wonderful one. There are too many, and it would hurt me to not give someone ample respect. I can only say that it is the people who have made it for me. Working with this many high-quality, selfless, and dedicated professionals has been simply remarkable. It’s honestly set the bar so high for a job that I’m worried I’ll never be able to replicate it.

Here are some of the things I’m specifically thankful for:

  • Getting to work with so many friends and colleagues from my life

  • Being introduced to new friends

  • The opportunity to grow (hopefully) into a decent leader

  • Exposure to tons of big problems in infosec

  • Exposure to the world’s largest companies

  • The ability to work in a truly team-oriented environment

  • The opportunity to interact with the media for the first time in my career

  • The ability to mentor many bright and talented people

  • Being given the freedom by my boss to become who I now am

The best way for me to capture this is to say that this last 6 years with HP—and specifically at Fortify on Demand—has not just been the best job I’ve ever had—it’s been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Goodbye, team. I will never forget my time with you.


  1. I said I wouldn’t thank anyone, but I have to mention Ryan English who has been the best manager I’ve ever had, and who has allowed me to stretch and grow into a better person and professional.

  2. For those who are interested, I’ve taken a director position with IOActive, and you can hit me up on LinkedIn if you’re interested.

  3. For those asking why I left HP, and whether it had anything to do with the split, or management changes, or any of that, the answer is no. The perfect opportunity simply came to me while I was not at all looking to leave, and after a wonderful six years it was time for me to take it.

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