Atheistic Societies Are Happy Societies


According to a major study there’s a very strong correlation between atheism and societal health. Here are the most non-religious countries in the world, according to the findings:

  1. Sweden

  2. Vietnam

  3. Denmark

  4. Norway

  5. Japan

  6. Czech Republic

  7. Finland

  8. France

  9. South Korea

  10. Estonia

From the paper:

No surprise here. I wish the world would pull out of the downward spiral of building jails and churches to house the millions we’re producing but can’t take care of. Quite simply, religion leads to suffering because it encourages the intellectual weakness and dependence of its followers.

Educated and independent people are 1) less likely to be religious, and 2) less likely to be taken advantage of by their governments. Both lead to happiness — hence the findings.:

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