Apple vs. AT&T


As you may have heard, AT&T’s chief executive disclosed last week that the second version of the iPhone will be coming next year. And most importantly, he said it’ll be 3G.

Think of what that does to sales of the current version of the device — and right before the most important sales period for consumer electronics. How could this not have been deliberate? It obviously hurts AT&T as well, but not nearly as much as it hurts Apple.

I agree with others that there is some sort of major rift forming between these companies. I am happy to see such a separation, and I hope it plays out sooner rather than later.

I want the iPhone on another carrier. I’m tired of AT&T, and I think Apple will do much better with the iPhone once they are able to explore other options. So, sure, HSDPA will be nice on AT&T next year, but I’d rather have it riding Sprint’s EVDO.

And I hope Apple and Google do team up and buy a crapload of the 700Mhz range. These are the two companies producing the most excitement in technology today.

Just think — iPhone riding the GNet making free VOIP calls. It think it’s obvious why AT&T might not like that picture so much.:

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