Apple as a Proxy for Religion and Faith


I noticed the other day that all my non-rational behavior has been stacked into my enjoyment of Apple products.

  • Religion

  • Superstition

  • Conspiracy

  • Team sports

I don’t believe in any gods, so I lack the enjoyment that comes from that. I’m not superstitious, so I lack the mysticism that comes from that. I don’t believe in conspiracies, so I lack the mystery that come from those. I don’t follow sports, so I lack the primal pleasure of “us and them”.

The thing is, I have the same drive for these human things that others have, so my mind seeks an outlet.

I think what I’ve done is stacked all these things into my Apple passion.

Apple is something for me to believe in. Like a god, a conspiracy, or a favorite team.

It’s a place to be childlike again, where I can expect miracles and feel ecstasy when they come, and root for my side.

It makes me feel alive.

There must be something to it, as this Thursday I’ll be camping in line in Denver. This will make seven years of camping for the iPhone, and it’ll likely be snowing that night.

It feels good to have faith.

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