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“Unsupervised Learning is my WSJ or NYT for security and technology.”

Caleb SimaCISO and Entrepreneur

“This is what the internet was supposed to be. Hands-down my favorite community online.”

Tim LeonardHead of Security, Unnamed Credit Union

“I spend tens of hours reading about security every week. My single favorite resource? Unsupervised Learning.”

Clint GiblerCreator of tl;dr sec

“I'm reading through the conversations and I have to say I'm crying a little bit. It's so nice to have intelligent measured conversation about interesting things. After weathering Twitter and Reddit, this is amazing. Whew!”

Rachel Yang

“Joining a book club had never even crossed my mind before, but let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions I've made! The UL Book Club has truly broadened my literary horizons, exposing me to a diverse range of authors and genres that I wouldn't have discovered on my own. What I love most are the monthly meetups, where I get to connect with such incredible and inspiring people who share a passion for reading, even if they're not literary majors. Daniel has done a fantastic job creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere where everyone feels safe to join in and express their thoughts. Trust me, it's an experience I eagerly look forward to every single time no matter the book.”

Jamie KhanThreat Intelligence Lead

“The UL community is a place where ideas are shared freely between smart people. Daniel has created a place for civil discussion in a world that frequently prefers argument over discussion.”

Ben CollinsDesigner, Entrepreneur

“Thanks for what you do! One of my favorite emails to get, hands down. I need more.”

Dave ShacklefordSenior Instructor, SANS

“Daniel Miessler’s UL: A highly reliable source of knowledge, carefully curated and finely tuned by a distinctively trustworthy human being. ”

Victor RangelSoftware Engineer

“Daniel's at the forefront of all things AI and Cybersecurity. If you're not listening to him, you're falling behind. Plain and simple.”

Matt JohansenHacker, Founder, Vulnerable U

“Daniel's Unsupervised Learning newsletter and community provide the foremost updates on the intersection of AI and cybersecurity. With AI poised to revolutionize the cybersecurity industry and beyond, staying informed through this platform offers significant advantages in this rapidly evolving field.”

Ben MontourCyber Defense Engineer

“I came for Daniel’s valuable tech and security insights, but I was drawn into a much deeper experience. Daniel fosters a unique blend of intellectual curiosity, humanity, and continuous evolution, providing more than just information—it’s a wellspring of inspiration.”

Csaba ViragChief Strategy Officer

“Daniel's newsletter is the only newsletter I have consistently been really excited to read. I recommend it to everyone. It's incredibly useful, helpful, and enjoyable to read. I've learned a lot and been exposed to a lot due to it.”

Joseph ThackerHacker and Business Owner

“Just want to say that even though I don't participate in the Slack very often, subscribing to your newsletter is still hands down one of the best investments I've ever made. Cheers to a new year and looking forward to more great content.”

Kiel HenryProject Manager

“I eagerly anticipate Daniel's newsletter each week. The depth and breadth of topics he discusses provides valuable insight into complex technological and cybersecurity issues with thoughtful analysis of what that means for our humanity. The learning doesn't end at the bottom of the newsletter either, in the Unsupervised Learning community the discussion continues with a wide diversity of input and opinions. ”

Dan HamiltonCloud Security Engineer